Bypass Oil Filtration Systems & Mounts

AMSOIL Bypass Oil Filtration Systems and Mounts are designed to provide advanced, supplemental filtration for your vehicle’s engine oil. These systems work alongside the primary full-flow filter, targeting smaller contaminants that might otherwise escape the standard filtration process. By removing particles as small as 2 microns, AMSOIL Bypass Oil Filtration Systems contribute to enhanced engine protection, reduced wear, and prolonged component life. The bypass design allows for a slow, continuous flow of oil through the filter, ensuring that the engine benefits from clean, well-lubricated operation at all times. AMSOIL’s accompanying mounts make installation convenient and secure, ensuring a proper fit for various vehicle models. Investing in an AMSOIL Bypass Oil Filtration System not only helps to maintain optimal engine performance but also extends the life of your oil, enabling you to experience the full benefits of AMSOIL’s high-quality synthetic motor oils.

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